Thursday, November 26, 2009

Am I Real

Am I Real

F J McCarthy on Apr 15, 2009

A thought on existence.

I feel as if I’m fading, turning into mist.

My lips no longer tremble , whenever I am kissed.

My voice once loud and clear is getting hard to hear.

No-one seems to notice whenever I am near.

My memories seem so blurry, out of focus and unclear.

Was my life a fantasy,a quickly passing dream.

Did I make a difference,or go through life unseen.

I wonder where I am right now,and how did I get here.

My heart is getting cold,my blood no longer flows

Is this Death I’m feeling now,God only Knows.

I cannot sense my body, find it hard to feel.

Was I ever truly even here, tell me am I real.?

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my boys
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