Thursday, November 26, 2009


I Am the Wind, You are the Sea

F J McCarthy on Feb 24, 2009

I am the wind , I drift across the world constantly moving.
You are the sea, you carry life inside of you ,maternal and loving.
I sail above the beauty that is you, I long to wake you from your calm slumber.
To draw you up to heights unknown and merge with your cool waters.
Yet you resist my tender strokes,you splash waves against me ..
I buffet your calm waters until they are churning and swirling.
Finally we become one,we are the cyclone, the hurricane,
Unstoppable force of nature. Together we become greatness.
Slowly we come to earth where we must part once more.
For I am the wind and you are the sea.

Am I Real

Am I Real

F J McCarthy on Apr 15, 2009

A thought on existence.

I feel as if I’m fading, turning into mist.

My lips no longer tremble , whenever I am kissed.

My voice once loud and clear is getting hard to hear.

No-one seems to notice whenever I am near.

My memories seem so blurry, out of focus and unclear.

Was my life a fantasy,a quickly passing dream.

Did I make a difference,or go through life unseen.

I wonder where I am right now,and how did I get here.

My heart is getting cold,my blood no longer flows

Is this Death I’m feeling now,God only Knows.

I cannot sense my body, find it hard to feel.

Was I ever truly even here, tell me am I real.?

my boys

my boys
Happiness is having kids.